Meet Chris Gawrych


Chris Gawrych recently joined the Appyness team as our Business Development Manager. With a dynamic range of skills across business development, sales, and marketing, Chris has joined the Appyness team to accelerate the company’s growth. Chris will also serve as an Account Manager, helping to ensure that our clients not only receive top-notch service, but also that their goals and objectives are being achieved.

Where are you from? I am originally from Greensboro, NC. I moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2004, and lived there until moving to Austin in September 2016.

Where did you go to university? I started college at The University of Alabama, and completed my undergraduate degree at Florida International University in Miami.

What is your professional background? I began my professional career as a store manager for GameStop before completing my undergraduate degree in marketing. I then transitioned to business development for a start-up online video platform and digital ad agency in Deerfield Beach, FL. After that I moved into a marketing role for an digital sports media company in Austin, where I managed the marketing activities for a new eSports vertical that launched in 2016.

What was your favorite childhood video game? Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition for the Sega Genesis. That was the first video game I ever owned, and I still love fighting games to this day because of it.

Do you have any pets? I have a black lab named Boone, and a tabby cat named Sonja.

Welcome to the Appyness team Chris!