Meet Thomas Simoneaux

Thomas Simoneaux is our Digital Marketing Manager. Prior to Appyness, Thomas worked with founder Glenn Roberts at a Swiss-based software company, focusing on user acquisition and customer retention. A jack-of-all trades, Thomas is not only an expert in mobile application marketing, but also has extensive experience in running marketing programs in a variety of industries.

Where are you originally from? I am originally from Thibodaux, LA.  After completing my undergraduate degree and launching my professional career in San Antonio, I moved to Austin about three years ago. To this day, I still define myself as a small town boy living in the big city.

What is your professional background? I started my professional career working for a web development and marketing agency in San Antonio, where I worked with clients in a variety of industries. After relocating to Austin, I had the opportunity to work for a gaming peripherals company, where I managed all of our marketing programs.  I then continued my career in tech, transitioning over to managing acquisition and retention programs for a leading VPN provider.

What are some of your passions and hobbies, outside of marketing? I love to explore and stay active in Austin, which is one of the top rated cities in the country for quality of life. On the weekends, I am often playing softball with friends or checking out new restaurants and hotspots around Austin.


Why did you join the Appyness team? Appyness is a change to do something in the agency industry that really isn’t being done. Most agencies are focusing on generating downloads and rankings in the app stores and not on ROI. As an individual who has been both on the client side, as well as on the agency side, I wanted the opportunity to change that, as well as to work with talented and passionate people.

What’s your favorite restaurant or food? Cajun food - Being from South Louisiana, cajun food brings me back to my younger days... plus, when boiled crawfish are seasoned to perfection, there isn’t many things that taste better.

Do you have any pets? I have a black cat named Penny Lane. (after The Beatles song).

What is your favorite activity that you recommend to first-time visitors in Austin? I always recommend that first-timers check out Mount Bonnell, which is in West Austin. The view is beautiful and you get that perfect mix of city and nature.