Our Favorite CTA Color: Amazon Orange


The call-to-action button. So little, and yet, so vital to getting and converting visitors. A slight variation in placement, text, shape or color can seriously impact the trial and purchase funnel of an organic or PPC landing page.

In The Digital Branding Institute’s recent article, “The Top 5 Ways to Create High Converting CTA Buttons,” the crucial elements of a strong call-to-action buttons (CTAs) are highlighted, and aligns with our experience that even the slightest color, text change, or button placement, can significantly improve or decrease conversion rate.

Over the last 90 days, the Appyness team has been putting these elements to the A/B test for one of our app client’s organic and PPC landing pages so we can improve conversion rates. As CTAs can be one of the most ROI-impacting elements on landing pages we have specifically focused on testing the placement, text, shape, and color, to analyze its impact on pages’ conversion rates.

For our app client, we saw that the color of the CTA had the highest impact on both organic and PPC landing pages’ conversion rates. While we tested an extensive amount of colors, including various shades of blue, green, and yellow, these only led to minor improvements.

At the suggestion of one our client’s designers, we decided to test the CTA color of Amazon Orange. This bright, cheerful orange creates a great contrast to the rest of a page’s color scheme while also highlighting the CTA.

The results were significant. Comparing to the control page, we saw the conversion rate increase from 4.8% to nearly 9% for trial signups. In addition, signups that originated from the page with the Amazon Orange CTA, converted to paid accounts at a 8% rate higher than the control page.

If you’re interested in testing Amazon Orange as a CTA color, here are the details:

Amazon Orange:
HEX #FF9900
RGB 255/153/0
CMYK 0/48/93/0
PMS: 1375 C