Updates to Facebook Ads Reporting

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Last week, Facebook announced two new updates to the Ads reporting. These metric updates including the removal of unintentional clicks on ads in the Audience Network, as well as introducing new ad impression reporting.

When managing a campaign on Facebook, one of the main metrics that advertisers focus on, is an ad’s click through rate (CTR). CTR is one of the key indicators on whether an ad is appealing to its audience. That being said, the data that goes into calculating CTR can be somewhat inaccurate as well.

For many users that are browsing on sites that are on the Facebook audience network, there’s the inevitable accidental click that occurs when a user is clicks on the ad and immediately closes out the landing page, returning to his or her original destination. This type of click can then muddy up data around CTR, and can actually lead to advertisers potentially making bad decisions, based off of bad data. In combination with this update to Ads reporting, Facebook will also be working on a ways to reduce the number of unintentional clicks, such as by adjusting ad placement.

Facebook also announced that it will be introducing new metrics to give advertisers a simple view of total campaign impressions and how ads are delivered. These two new metrics are gross impressions and auto-refresh impressions.

For gross impressions, advertisers will be able to differentiate between billable and nonbillable impressions, which will give a more accurate cost per impression, while also quantifying non billable impressions. Auto-refresh impressions will provide a more detailed look at impressions that generated from right-hand side ads and placements.

Ultimately, these reporting updates will give advertisers the ability to make data-driven decisions to help maximize revenue from Facebook’s advertising platform.