Why We Love Google AdWords UAC Campaigns

Why we love google adwords universal app install campaigns UAC

Google introduced Universal App Campaigns (along with a new AdWords API!) back in 2017. For the majority of our app clients that we work with, they are usually new go to market (GTM) apps that are new to the app stores and looking to acquire users quickly. From social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to third-party ad networks, the options are endless to help drive growth. 

With the introduction of UAC campaigns - Google really took quite a bit of control away from advertisers on targeting for app install campaigns - and placed a higher emphasis on machine learning, with the goal of making it easier for developers and advertisers to easily advertise their apps. 

For our clients with Android apps, we've seen great success so far in 2018 with UAC campaigns. The cost per installs have been significantly lower then what we've seen on other networks. Most importantly, the conversion rate has been comparable and in some cases HIGHER then what we've seen from organic installs. In addition, all of our clients' campaigns have been completely scaleable!

To say the least - the Appyness team is a fan of AdWords UAC campaigns. Here's some basic optimization tips:

  1. Make sure to cover all fo the image sizes/specs to maximize reach!
  2. Include an app promo or preview video as well!
  3. Continuously update ad creative, both visual and text, for creatives that are grouped in the lowest performing category (check out the ad asset report!)
  4. Start higher on your CPI bids - and scale down - to figure out which threshold works for you.
  5. For major changes, such as CPI - give the campaigns a few days at minimum to process changes into their algorithms, so you can get a full picture of how those changes affected performance.
  6. USE an attribution platform to get a through understanding of top and bottom of funnel performance. Always think ROI first, especially when it comes to paid channels! Our recommendation for an attribution platform is Adjust.

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